Video showcasing our team’s design process


Create a drone that can drop a red or blue ball based off which color it detects in front of it. It also must only drop if it is a certain distance away.


We used an Arduino, “PixyCamera”, and ultrasonic sensor to accomplish this task. The whole drone was either laser cut or 3D-printed so the only tool required for assembly was a screw-driver. The landing gear featured an “active” design, meaning it was able to absorb impact with springs that were placed inside each landing gear.

Final Product with Autonomous Payload

Personal Role

I was the team lead for a team of six that was involved in this particular drone. I designed the main chassis and designed/fabricated the circuit. I was also responsible for communicating with the rest of the design team, making sure parts were compatible with each other. This meant I put together the SOLIDWORKS assembly (pictured below) to ensure compatibility before fabrication. Several revisions were made on each part. Rapid-prototyping was streamlined with 3D printing and laser cutting.

Chassis fabrication on laser cutter
Modular circuit allowed for wires to be unplugged easily if needed to replace a faulty sensor
Structural assembly
3D printed ball drop mechanism
Propeller guard fabrication